8 Unique Reasons Why CypherSwap will Take Over the DeFi and Dex Space.

CypherSwap | Power to the People!
CypherSwap | Power to the People!
CypherSwap | Power to the People !

I was very happy writing this article, I don’t why, I had a lot of Goosebumps putting this in writing. I Felt like a dictator for once. Probably I never had the Opportunity or Privilege to Participate or own something to Myself. Enough Expressions! Hahaha, Let’s cut the crap and get down to What’s trending, To what’s going to be the Game changer in the DeFi and Blockchain Industry.

Today,I will be sharing my research on 8 distinctive rationales why the Cypherium Powered Dex,CypherSwap will be a Gigantic force in the Defi/Dex Space.

To keep up with what is DeFi and Some other activities done through it. Check out my Previous article on “CypherSwap vs Uniswap” - https://medium.com/@teejohn1995/cypherswap-vs-uniswap-in-depth-study-of-both-dex-6bb32663e72b

Let’s Roll !

1• Cypherswap is more than a Dex

CypherSwap provides a scalable and user friendly framework that encapsulates lower level code and standardizes APIs for various market makers and digital assets, including stable coins, NFT, derivatives. It enhances Developer experience by encapsulating the underlying logic of each transaction, and the network only opens the logic interface to developers which reduces the chance of developers errors and makes Cypherswap extendable.

2• Cypherswap is the First Defi Product to be Launched on the Cypherium Public chain.

With the Final phase of the Cypherium Mainnet launch on Oct 31st, 2020. CypherSwap will be the first product(Defi) built on It. The Cypherium blockchain DCIF tools makes it easy for CypherSwap to fully overcome the current blockchain problems faced by most decentralised Exchange.

3• CypherSwap Distinctive Architecture.

CypherSwap idiosyncratic architecture makes it to fully bypass the concept of Limit orders. In this Architecture, Market makers in the system no longer specify the transaction price when providing liquidity, but only provide funds leaving CypherSwap to take care of the rest.

4• CypherSwap is Fully owned and Governed by the Cypherium Community.

CypherSwap will be completely be governed by the cypherium community. The governance token for CypherSwap (CST) serves as an Incentive program to reward Cypherium tokensale Participants for their Support to the cypherium ecosystem. The Cypherium team doesn't hold any share.

5• CypherSwap supports both AMM and Order books.

Unlike Most Decentralised Exchange that uses AMM which is only suitable for Low volume,High transaction fees, CypherSwap will support both AMM and Orderbooks because Cypherium offers thousands of transactions per second (tips) and Instant transaction finality. The AMM CypherSwap intend to use would provide liquidity no matter how large the order book is or how small the liquidity pool is.

6• CypherSwap Supports Broader market of ANY blockchain

Unlike Uniswap and most Dex Built on Ethereum that Supports Only Ethereum and its tokens, due to his expansed function, CypherSwap supports any currency on Blockchain (such as BTC,XRP,TRX,NEO,EOS with larger currency values). CypherSwap will also support trading Varieties such as NFT and derivatives.

7• CypherSwap uses a Risk Mechanism through Cypherium Referee Smart Contract.

Liquidity providers and traders will pledge Cypherium native token (CPH) to Referee their smart contract. They can submit a referee request to cypherium referr smart contract if anyone of them disagrees with a smart contract. The Referee requires a pledge from both traders and liquidity providers of CPH tokens worth the limit value of each transactions.

8• CypherSwap uses Cypherium ID to Prevent Cyber crimes.

CypherSwap will be fully integrated with Cypherium ID which uses Decentralized ID authentication system to establish Digital identity(KYC) which allows regulatory agencies to curb Cyberfraud which enhances CBDC adoption.


When I said Unique, I really meant Unique and I proved it, even though Development is ongoing, I sincerely believe CypherSwap will be the Future of Decentralized Finance ( DeFi). With alot of Dex still trying to imitate Uniswap Concept and mechanism which is not User-friendly, they are bound to be Below standard for DeFi Global adoption. One Major Competitive advantage CypherSwap would have over all Dex is that it’s built and integrated with Cypherium,a Scalable,more Decentralized and High Speed Blockchain. I see CypherSwap been used by both the decentralized and centralized world and the Adoption becoming fast because it tackles 80% issues faced by the Current Dex space.

#CypherSwap #CypherSwap #CPH #CST #PowerToThePeople #MoreThanADex #DeFi #Publicsale.

Reference : https://medium.com/cypherium/cypherswap-more-than-just-a-dex-c965e00e616

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